My blue hands.


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The cold,
The dark,
To feel empty inside.
The soul disappearing in the night.

My blue hands can’t bury,
Who I was or used to be.
I see myself on the mirror,
But who is that in front of me?

The hair, the mouth, the clothes.
Who’s that woman in front of me,
With those eyes I used to see?

My body doesn’t feel mine.
Is there any soul inside?
My dizzy brain feels drunk in wine.

I close my eyes in the dark,
Wishing for a new start,
But all I see is nothing.
I’m so dead in my heart.

My blue hands can’t bury,
All the dreams you’ll never see.
Where are all those heroes,
Who lived inside of me?

The teardrops don’t bother,
The cold skin of my face.
Is there any hope left,
In this world of pretend?

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