They told me loving is hard


They told me loving is hard.
And I fought with all my feelings,
But let me tell you the truth,
Loving is easy.

It was easy to fall in love with you,
To feel your hands in mine in a beautiful night,
While we walked on that avenue,
With the lights of the city watching us around.

It was easy to wake up next to you this whole time,
To feel you breathing calmly while I hug you one last time,
Wishing to have this day just for us,
Hugging and cuddling as we used to.

It was easy to look in your eyes,
And lose myself on them for a little while,
Feeling your touch on my cheeks,
When you told me I was your home.

It was easy to say I love you,
When you stopped me and kissed me on every red light,
When we danced on that street and laugh as nobody was watching,
And we ran over some strange guys.

It was easy to love you,
And just notice all the little details of your face,
While my hand contoured the tip of your nose,
So you can hug me steady.

Loving is easy as breathing,
Magical as a wish upon a star.
But the real truth of love,
Is that endings are hard.

It was hard to ignore you every day,
To say I was ok,
And just push you away.

It was hard to see you on the street,
Walking around with other chick,
While I heard some other guy saying,
I like your red cheeks.

It was hard to be apart,
Fought with all the feelings in my heart,
While I tried to cure other scar.

Now, as my heart grows old and I'm finally ok,
I can tell myself one last time,
That falling in love is easy,
Only if I allow myself to love again.

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