On the train


On the train,
Going anywhere else,
My mind flies to long gone memories.

My first crush,
First butterflies on my stomach,
First date,
First kiss.

Every face I felt in love before,
Not understanding how could I fall in love,
For so different people,
And then, there’s you.

The you that showed me what real love feels like,
But it was the same you,
That showed me what a broken heart feels like.

In front of me there’s a couple,
Cuddling and saying lovely things as we used to,
Should I tell them how loving is hard,
Or will time do it for me?

Looking outside the window,
I see an old couple holding hands,
Thinking that one day I thought it could be us.

But now I’m like the old lady sitting next to me,
Writing poems and looking to old pictures of loved ones.
Remembering the love she felt before.

Is that the future that waits for me?
Living alone in a rent house with seven cats?
Or will love find his way back into my life,
Through other’s eyes?

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  1. Apesar do meu inglês capenga, acho que consegui entender o post.
    Me lembrei daquela música Runway train da década de 90... marcou geração.
    Tem post novo no blog - adoraria sua visita!
    Bj e fk c Deus.

  2. OMG, Ayu!
    You rock in all languages. Your poem is so beautiful and full of deep feelings! I really hope love finds its way back to your heart (with someone who deserves you and takes care of you like you should be).
    And remember love never comes from a Boludo! hehehe

    Fernanda Rodrigues | contato@algumasobservacoes.com
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    Projeto Escrita Criativa